About the Conference

Doing Things with Old Norse Myth: A Research & Cultural Symposium on Mythological Processes is the latest in the annual series of Aarhus Old Norse Mythology conferences that have been held around the world since 2005.

Registration for both the Academic Programme (25-26.11) and the day of cultural events GOÐSAGNALISTÞING (27.11) are now open via our Registration page.

About the Conference:

This year’s event is jointly organised by researchers at The University of Iceland and ReykjavíkurAkademían. Following the unfortunate cancellation of the 2020 event in Copenhagen due to COVID-19, our goals this year are to reinvigorate the field, welcoming a broad range of delegates – colleagues old and new – and establishing new connections with artists, writers, musicians, and other cultural creatives engaging with pre-Christian Nordic mythology.

We have therefore chosen a deliberately broad theme: “Doing Things with Old Norse Myth” focuses on the many human-driven processes underlying Old Norse mythology in both the past and the present. The conference will then be organised into a number of distinct thematic sessions, which you can read more about in our Call for Contributions.

In addition to (re)establishing traditional academic networks, we also wish to encourage greater dialogue between scholars and cultural creatives. Members of both groups are deeply invested in Old Norse mythology, but communication and collaboration between them is often very limited. We are therefore organising a parallel programme of cultural and creative events – including music, poetry performances, book readings, and interviews – by leading Nordic artists and creatives whose work is inspired by Old Norse mythology. These cultural events will be open to the public, and are designed to create bridges between academics and others with an interest in Old Norse myth.

We hope to be able to hold the conference completely in-person in Reykjavík in November, although we are also making preparations to be able to hold our programme partially or fully online.